Privacy Notice

Alpha Astral Realty Sdn. Bhd. and the related companies (AAR) commonly owned by its directors value your privacy and endeavours to protect your personal data in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 ("the Act") which came into effect on 15th November 2013.

This Privacy Notice entails the types of personal data we collect from you, how your personal data will be used and processed, the parties with whom we share and disclose the personal data to, and the choices you are entitled to including to have access to, correct and update your personal data.

Collection of Personal Data

In the course of your dealings with us, we will request that you provide data and information about yourself (“Personal Data”) to enable us to enter into commercial transaction with you or to deliver the necessary notices, services and/or products in connection with our business. These are relevant in connection with our business process, execution, including delivery of notices, services and/or products, new product launches and events including promotional events with our business partners.

Personal Data

Such Personal Data may include but not limited to information concerning your name, date of birth, identity card number, passport number, address, gender, race, religious belief, nationality, contact information, e-mail address, work history, income, disciplinary actions, references and any other details of past employers or other people you provided to us, addresses, your employer’s name, address, telephone or fax number, your previous addresses and preferred mode of communication, any previous names you may have used or aliases, banking account numbers, credit card details, bank name and other pertinent banking information, tax file identification number, EPF number, SOCSO / EIS numbers, Assessment Tax account number; and criminal history, where permitted by applicable law. The list of personal data stated above is not exhaustive and may include other personal data depending on the nature of dealings or transactions.

Purpose of Collection of Personal Data

The Personal Data will be collected, processed and used by us for the following purposes:

  1. to inform you of our future product launches and upcoming events;
  2. the delivery of notices by whatsapp, sms, email, phone and any other form of communications on our changes in terms, conditions and policies;
  3. the maintenance and upkeep of customer records and development;
  4. business profiling, research or surveys regarding our latest projects, products and/or services;
  5. preparation and execution of all necessary documents and agreements and/or contracts for our projects, products and/or services with you;
  6. credit assessments, financial and background investigation as and when deemed necessary;
  7. prevention of crime (including but not limited to fraud and money-laundering);
  8. meeting any legal or regulatory requirements relating to our provision of services and products and to make disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law, regulation, direction, court order, by-law, guideline, circular, code applicable to us or any companies in the group as described above;
  9. vacant possession, handover of keys, property management, customer care and/or defect rectification works;
  10. post vacant possession services, such as services available and its changes within the apartments and security services;
  11. any other commercial transactions such as fully furnished packages, provision of grilles and /or other furnitures & fixtures, rental and rent then buy packages; and
  12. enable us to furnish and submit your Personal Data to the relevant parties as necessary as an owner of the property/ies owned by you or as a Borrower to the loans granted to you.

Source of Personal Data

The Personal Data collected, processed and used by us are sourced from wholly legitimate and transparent means such as:

  1. agreements and contracts for sale and purchase of our properties or for our services;
  2. official registration forms (either electronic or printed) for new launches or property roadshows, showcases, exhibitions or any other promotional events;
  3. forms that are provided to you by our employees or agents;
  4. any forms of communications be it email, whatsapp or correspondences that we have received from you;
  5. any forms that you have submitted on our website or any websites contracted by us;
  6. any referrals from a person which have included their verifiable personal contact details;
  7. letters of offer from financial institutions (local and foreign) for pre-approved loans;
  8. Business cards that were dropped or given to our employees, agents, brokers or associates; or
  9. any documents (including but not limited to statutory forms and returns) that were submitted to us for processing.

At no time will any Personal Data be purchased by us or in any way commercially acquired through the purchase or trading of illegitimate and illegal Personal Data databases or lists.

Rights of Access and Correction

You have the right to request access to and if required, correction of your Personal Data in our records.

However, we reserve the right to decline to process any requests which may jeopardize the security and privacy of the personal data of others as well as requests which are impractical or not made in good faith.

Where you elect to limit our right to process the personal data, you may contact us in writing. For avoidance of doubt, the limitation does not extend to the processing of mandatory personal data.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We will keep your personal data confidential but such personal data provided by you may be disclosed by us to the following classes of parties:

  1. any of our officers, employees, agents or directors of the company;
  2. professional advisers, contractors, service providers, debt collection agencies and other agents who are under a duty of confidentiality to the company;
  3. any actual or potential sub-sale purchaser, assignee or transferee of the rights and/or obligations under any transaction between the company and you (or any of its agents or professional advisers);
  4. any party as required by any law or any government, quasi-government, administrative, regulatory / supervisory body or authority, court or tribunal;
  5. any credit reference agency that we use for credit assessment or credit review of you and parties related to the facilities provided by us to you;
  6. any person intending to settle any moneys outstanding under any of your accounts with us.

Other than to those individuals and entities listed above, your details will not be revealed by us to any other external body, unless we have your permission, or is under either a legal obligation or any other duty to do so. We assure you that your personal data will be treated as confidential and with highest standards of security.

Choices to Limit Processing of Personal Data

The Personal Data provided to us undergoes processing as and when required. The definition of processing include, whether or not by automatic means, such as collection, recording, organization, storage, alteration, retrieval, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, or combination, erasure or destruction;

You may at any time withdraw or amend, in full or in part, your processing consent given previously, in each case subject to any applicable legal restrictions, contractual conditions and a reasonable time period in person at our offices.

Protection of Personal Data

Your Personal Data will be kept and processed in a secured manner. We shall, as far as practicable, aim to prevent any unauthorized and/or unlawful processing of, and the accidental loss, destruction or damage to your Personal Data where it is not intended to be.

To safeguard against unauthorised access to Private Data by third parties, we adopt multiple layers of access to Private Data which includes backups, IDs and Passwords. Access to your personal data by our staff is strictly on a need-to-know basis.

AAR and its related group of companies reserve the right to update and amend this policy from time to time. Any material changes will be posted on our website with the updated Privacy Policy.

All the displayed items and layout plans are subject to variations, modifications and substitutions as may be required by the authorities or recommended by the architect or engineer. Promotion items and proposed plans are subject to change without any prior notice.