Type B & B1


Built-Up: 1,005 sq.ft.
93.4 m2

Bedroom x 2
Bathroom x 2
Parking Space x 1
Structure: Reinforced Concrete Frame
Wall: Bricks / Reinforced Concrete Wall / Dry Wall
Roof: Reinforced Concrete Roof
Ceiling: Skim Coat / Plaster Board (wherever applicable)
Windows: Generally / Aluminium Framed Glass Windows / Fixed Glass Windows
Doors: Main Entrance -Timber Door
Bathroom/ Bedrooms -Timber Flush Door
Balcony -Aluminium Framed Sliding Glass Door
Ironmongery: Selected Quality Lockset
Floor Finishes: Living / Dining / Kitchen -Quality Porcelain Tiles
Bedroom -Timber Flooring (Type C2: Laminated Flooring)
Yard/Balcony -Ceramic Tiles
Other Area(s) -Cement Render
Wall Finishes: Living / Dining / Bedroom -Plaster and Paint / Skim Coat and Paint
Kitchen -Ceramic Tiles / Plaster and Paint
Bathroom -Mosaic Tiles / Ceramic Tiles / Plaster and Paint / Skim Coat and Paint(where applicable)
Other Areas -Plaster abd Paint / Skim Coat and Paint (where applicable)
Sanitary and Plumbing Fittings: Master Bath:
Basin -1 no
Water Closet -1 no
Shower -1 no
Bathtub -1 no
Basin-1 no
Water Closet-1 no
Shower-1 no
Single Bowl Sink -1 no
Electrical Installation: Light Point -15 nos
13 Amp Switch Socket -15 nos
15 Amp Switch Socket -1 no
Outlet (For Kitchen Hood)
Fan Point -1 no
Air-Conditioner Point -3 no
Telephone Point -2 nos
SMATV Point -2 nos
Intercom -1 no
Door Bell -1 no
Water Heater Point -2 nos
Features: Designer Kitchen Cabinet with Cooker Hood and Gas Hob
Hot Water System and Long Bath in Master Bedroom
Air-Conditioning unit to living / bedroom:

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